Game banner exchange (multi 40x40).
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Do you want to know about advantages of this type of banner exchanges? Look!

First, you can place 20 banners in one frame of your web page, and if your banner will be impressive then you will have 20 hits probability per one impression of banner in your web page. This is 20 times advantage comparing of usual banner exchanges.
Second, the tiny banners weight is nearly 0.7-1 kb, that is 20 times less then usual banner, but hit ability of tiny banner system is nearly 0.5-1% (this is two times less then usual banner exchange systems). For adult site this is very important thing, you will have 10 times less traffics to generate same hits. 10 times advantage comparing of usual banner exchanges.
Third, the commission of this tiny banner exchange is 5% only, usual banner exchanges have 20-50%. This is minimum 4 times better for you.

Advice: make 40x40 banners immediately and join tiny banner.

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