Terms and Conditions.

1. Game banner exchange permit for show banners sized of width=40 pixels and height=40 pixels only.
2. All members are equal, all banners been show with same probability.
3. The member can place in-to your web page any number of banner codes.
4. The member can give in Game banner system any number of his banners.
5. The member can register any number of accounts (one person can have several memberships.)
6. Can not be permitted banners from criminal activity sites, and linked to criminal activity or social harmful sites.
7. Member can accumulate banner impressions and use it as your private property (for sale, gifts etc).
8. Impressions exchange rate is 1:1.
9. Game banner system accounting banner commissions of 5 (five) per cent of total banner impressions and use it for promotion or any purpose as an other private owner.
10. Game banner management can change this conditions with interest of all members and inform about it every member via e-mail.
11. All information about changes should be sent to members via e-mail also.

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